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Sur le web j'ai vu cette phrase de temps en temps:

Ta farme tu ta yeule !

Je crois que ça veut dire en français normal:

Ferme ta bouche !

Mais évidemment, la première phase n'est pas du français habituel, c'est une tournure de phrase québecoise. Je ne comprends pas complètement la phrase; quelqu'un peut-il me dire pourquoi cela a la même signification que la traduction en français standard ?

I've seen the following phrase on the web from time to time:

Ta farme tu ta yeule !

I think it means, in standard French:

Ferme ta bouche ! [shut your mouth!]

But obviously, the former isn't standard French, but a quebecois turn of phrase. I don't really understand the phrase, so could someone show me how it carries the same meaning as the latter translation into standard French?

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If we exclude the stronger phonetic stuff we get:

"t'a fermes-tu, ta gueule?"

short for

"tu (l)a fermes-tu, ta gueule?"

Which amounts to something like "Will you shut it already?!" given that this sounds like it was screamed angrily (and would still be pretty damn rude), I wouldn't feel bad about adding an f-bomb in the English translation either. Ferme-la! or la ferme! would be the more neutral forms. (I've never seen bouche show up in this context.)

As for the phonetics, it is common for /l/ to drop in pronouns if the vowels isn't a schwa. (Cf. /i/ for /il/). This promptly elides into "t'a". /ɛr/ or /ər/ to /ar/ is a very common sound change in informal Quebec French (e.g. charcher), while -tu is an emphasizer in questions.

I'm not sure what's the backstory of /yeule/ for gueule, but it's a standard lower register pronunciation, and generally palatalisation in front of a front vowel is hardly surprising.

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The general explanation is quite good, I mean for the phonetics, but I'm a bit disappointed by your standard french version. Tu vas la fermer ta gueule ? is closer to the quebecois meaning, and still very idiomatic. – Romain VALERI Jun 20 '14 at 8:03
I was looking for a register-neutral version. I have relatively limited version of European informal/slang French. – Circeus Jun 20 '14 at 8:31
No problem, it was just a suggestion for improvement on the standard french slang part. And I'm not myself a quebecois slang expert neither, I just happen to love Les colocs and Loco Locas, and both tend to make heavy use of that register. – Romain VALERI Jun 20 '14 at 10:14
"Tu la ferme"---> "T'a ferme" in France also, or only Quebec ? – hunter Jun 25 '14 at 11:26
I'm pretty sure this (specifically the elision of la's "L") is mostly a Quebec thing. – Circeus Jun 25 '14 at 14:49

Being a French Canadian, I think I can help on that.

T'a fermes-tu ta yeule?

Between this sentence and your "France French" translation, the only real difference is yeule. This is deformed word from gueule, which means an animal mouth (pejorative for a human).

T'a is a shortened tu la. This is the same as Je suis which often is shortened to J'suis, Chuis or even Chu like in this next sentence :

Chu ben tanné d'écouter ses jokes plattes.

Fortunatly for foreigners, Quebec made a website that explains all of our Quebecism :

Good luck!

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Tu la fermes ta gueule? ou La fermes-tu ta gueule? c'est standard, la répétition *Tu* la fermes-*tu* ta gueule?, c'est pour autant que je le sache un québécisme. – Un francophone Jun 20 '14 at 14:38
@Unfrancophone, en effet, la répétition vient... marteler le message au destinataire, si je puis dire. Il en augmente le poids. Au Québec, tu n'entendras jamais Tu la fermes ta gueule? ni La fermes-tu ta gueule?, excepté si la personne imite un Français de France, même si cette phrase est grammaticalement incorrecte (la phrase québécoise). – Sifu Jun 20 '14 at 15:10

"ta farme tu ta yeule" est une contraction de "tu la farme tu ta yeule". En français standard on voit qu'il y a un "tu" de trop et on devrait plutôt écrire "la ferme tu ta gueule".

Plus souvent en québécois on va plutôt dire "farme ta yeule" ou plus simplement "ta yeule" qui en français parisien se dit "ta gueule".

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