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Clickbait is some website content that is aimed at generating advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines to attract click-throughs; such headlines. How would you say clickbait in French?

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Off the top of my head I would say piège à clics. It cognates with piège à cons, which means “an obvious trap that can only trap naïve and gullible people”. The carbon translation appât à clics would work, too, but sounds less smooth.

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@Amphiteóth La notice date de 2014, l'OQLF prendrait-il ses renseignements sur :) – Evpok Jun 28 '15 at 22:40
ref: On pourrait compléter avec ce lien au GDT qui contient les deux termes proposés, en plus de "aspirateur à clics" et "attrape-clics". // Qui sait! Quand je lis leurs trucs à la BDL je trouve qu'il lise LBU assurément, mais parfois il y a des nuances; on aime la glose. Merci! – Survenant Lazurite Jun 28 '15 at 23:28
Also piège à touristes. – Haut français Jun 29 '15 at 10:48

It actually depends on what use of the term you want (i.e. negative or positive).

For using the term in contexts where these bad connotations you described are welcome (I mean with critical sense, like in an essay), I've already upvoted Evpok's answer, it's perfect, go for it.

If, in the other hand, you need to describe it in a more neutral or technical way, you might want to consider aimant à clics ?

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