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If I want to say: "The vacations have finished" in French, is the following correct?

Les vacances avoir fini

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Answer on which auxiliary to use (être or avoir) is context dependent and what you said in English is not enough. So please edit your sentence and explain 1- what you want to express -by finishing your sentence for example, it does not matter if you make mistakes, we'll correct you and explain. 2- Make clear what tense you want to use (I think it's the present, but just in case). If I may ask, are you an English native? If you aren't make sure what you want to say in English is accurate, if not we might mislead you. – Laure Jul 11 '14 at 14:48

If what you want to say is "The holidays are over", then a correct French translation is:

Les vacances sont finies.
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