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I sometimes organize French language study group meetups. A serious problem is that people show up a wide spread of competencies. Successful study groups do best when most of the people are at a similar level of (in)competence.

This vocab test resource exists for English and would fit the bill if it existed for French.

I'm open to suggestion for other techniques for rapid assessment.

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I didn't know of testyourvocab, thanks for the link =) –  Evpok Oct 4 '11 at 17:50
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Le premier outil qui me vient à l'esprit est Dialang qui permet de tester le vocabulaire, mais pas uniquement. C'est un outil de diagnostic basé sur les niveaux du CECR mais n'est pas un outil de certification. Nécessite une connexion à internet et de s'enregistrer mais c'est entièrement gratuit.

Je tiens à préciser que ce n'est pas réservé au Français et que les tests sont diponibles dans quatorze langues européennes.


The fist tool that comes to my mind is Dialang. It allows anyone to test his/her language abilities in various competencies, including vocabulary (you can choose which abilities you want to be tested). It is based on the CEFR levels but is not used as a certification tool. One needs to register but use of Dialang is free.

The tests exist for fourteen European languages, not just French.



Une rapide recherche dans les ressources FLE (Français langue étrangère) m'incite à proposer aussi :

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