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How would you say:

In Paris there are famous bridges to stroll under

I was thinking

À Paris il y a des ponts sous lesquels on peut flâner

The wider issue here is, how is it best to say phrases such as

  • with which
  • under which
  • above which
  • in which
  • through which
  • etc.
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Your translation is correct (apart from missing the translation for famous, but I guess that's not the point here). As for the other phrases, they respectively translate to

  • avec lequel

  • sous lequel

  • sur lequel / au-dessus duquel

  • dans lequel

  • au travers duquel

You'll just have to replace lequel or duquel with the agreed form if needed

  • lequel / laquelle / lesquels / lesquelles

  • duquel / de laquelle / desquels / desquelles

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