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I'm a beginning learner and I'm looking for recommendations on a book or site with super-simple to understand French grammar rules. The thing is a lot of sources say stuff like "like an infinitive in English" but my English grammar is weak. I learnt English grammar intuitively so I have no clue about the terminology which makes technical French grammar books confusing. Any tips? Is there a source that explains the English a littte bit and then moves on to the French?

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I like french.about.com, but I prefer using a French grammar book. I propose 2 books which I use everyday along with my main Café crème textbook.

C'est tout.

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Is the Dummies because really good or just okay? –  verve Jul 26 '13 at 23:53
@verve I believe that it's okay just for starting French. By these kinds of books learners are able to know a way and use the experiences of others. I suggest that after beginning, when you understood the basics, start using a native French grammar book and also use these books along with a main textbook. As I said, I am participating in a French class that our main books are Café crème book series. Bon courage! –  Mohsen Gh. Aug 3 '13 at 7:44
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If you want to learn the basic grammatical terminology in English, you can simply type, for instance, infinitive into this very trusted dictionary, and you will thus be able to read a very simple explanation of the term you've been looking for.

Another site which explains, in very accessible terms, words such as infinitive, is this self-titled glossary.

Moving on to French, this online grammatical compendium may be the best starting point for any beginning learner like you.

And, of course, this site, where you will always have a decent explanation for everything else.

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