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Which of the two is correct:

  • Tous les petites routes sont jolies


  • Toutes les petites routes sont jolies?

Google translate is making sentences out of both.

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TL;DR: Toutes is what you are looking for.

As per the TLF

Tout, toute, tous, toutes
I. − Adjectif indéfini
B. − [Marque l'idée de totalité]
1. [Précède un déterm. au pluriel ou bien un pronom]
a) Tous les, toutes les + substantif pluriel
L'ensemble de, la totalité de (personnes ou choses nombrables), sans exception. [TLFi (Tous)]

Here, tout is an adjective, and fortunately it behaves normally: it is variable, so, since les routes is feminine and plural, tout becomes toutes.

As for Google translate: it is a really good piece of software, designed to provide its users with a meaningful translation, even if the input is not grammatically correct, which is great, since most of the actual language is not grammatically correct. As far as I know, it doesn't even know if what you give it is grammatically correct, it just tries to makes some sense of it. So that's no wonder it gives you a translation for both.

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Yes, it was a bit difficult for me to understand whether route was masculine or feminine. TLF is a good resource, very useful indeed. Cheers! – Abhimanyu Arora Aug 18 '13 at 19:52

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