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How do I say “It's good to be here?” Is it “C'est bon” or “C'est biend'être ici?

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"On est bien, ici." , "Ca me fait plaisir d'être ici.", "Je suis bien, ici." – oli Aug 19 '13 at 0:59

I would say “je suis content d'être ici” to mean “I'm happy to be here” or “I'm glad to be here”. In more formal contexts, the correct adjective would be heureux: “je suis heureux d'être parmi vous ce soir” (“I am happy to be with you tonight”).

Another possibility is “ça fait du bien d'être ici”. This means literally “being here makes me/one feel good”.

C'est bon d'être ici” means about the same thing but is a bit more informal and less idiomatic.

C'est bien d'être ici” is also less idiomatic, unless what you want to convey is that it's a good thing to be here, as in the opposite of an evil thing.

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Not given in the other answers:

(1) Qu'on est bien ici !

(2) Que c'est bon d'être ici !

(3) Que c'est bien d'être ici !

(1) and (2) give a general happiness sensation. (3) will be used with a specific reason in mind which will often be given after (Que c'est bien d'être ici plutôt que là où le soleil tape).

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It depends on what you want to say

  • If you want to say that being here makes you feel good, it's bon for you to be here
  • If you want to say that being here is a generally good or right thing, it's bien to be here

so generally speaking bon appeals to emotion and feelings, and bien refers to intellect or moral.

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