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There are French grammar textbooks written in my native language. However, most of them are either too simple (containing not enough information) or too hard (contain many information but less systematic). I knew a little bit French and I can use English quite fluently.

Could you please recommend me some good grammar textbooks so that I can study on my own?

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You could try: Le point du FLE: and in English Tex's French Grammar: or LanguageGuide: –  Laure Oct 18 '13 at 9:02

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For pronunciation, try this book (better not finish it !! or you may end up pedant) and master some vocabulary in this book and for grammar you can always do some books like this one. But the most of it,..try to engage conversations with a french speaker... There are some idioms not well mastered when reading books.

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I love collecting language grammar books in general, and by far one of my favorites is French Grammar and Usage by Hawkins and Towell. It is exceptionally well-organized and a pleasure to read, with lots of examples. It has perhaps the clearest explanation of the subjunctive that I have ever come across.

The one disadvantage for you is that it is has extra focus on difficult points of grammar for native English language speakers. Still, they're not explicit and I suppose you could simply skip those sections if you find it irrelevant.

Check it out with your favorite bookshop.

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I think it's better you read ALTER AGO or CAFE CREME are the best choice with so many example.

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These are complete text books meant to be used within a course and with the help of a teacher. Not really suited for self study. –  Laure Dec 27 '13 at 13:32

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