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I've just started to learn French and as I'm very interested in language in general, in my mother tongue, I listen to radio programs and watch tv series about this language. I'm thinking that I would benefit a lot from also listening to and watching programs about the French language, in French. They usually bring up subjects that aren't easily captured by dictionaries: different accents, neologisms, new types of constructions and so on.

So, my question is: What are some French radio or tv programs that deal with the French language (I'm mostly interested in French as it's spoken in France)?

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Karambolage on Arte TV is about both french and german cultures and languages. – mouviciel Jan 26 '14 at 8:16

There is a short radio program on "France Inter" which is called "qu'est-ce que tu me jactes". Each week, this radio program explains a French argot term. So you can download the podcast and listen to it, you will learn something in each program, it's quite interesting. I am French, and I learn something each time I listen to it. You can download it here.

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I found the game show “Mot de Passe” (on France 2, Saturday evening) a good TV programme for Intermediate level students of French language who may want to augment their 'contextual vocabulary'.

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Quite a few radio podcasts are available on (or the tunein smartphone app!):

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But I'm not really interested in french lesson podcasts as such. I'm looking for something like what this site does actually, but in tv or radio format. Questions on best practice, how the language is developing, about different accents, neologisms, slang and so on. These programs would not be for learners of the French language, they would be for the French people. A Way with Words seems to be like what I'm looking for, but in English and about English. – citizen Jan 26 '14 at 12:23

You could try to watch the international tv TV5Monde. It's a global television network who is brodcasted in over 200 country and territory.

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