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Comment puis-je exprimer l'anglais « got it » en français ? Est-ce vraiment « je comprends » ?

Google Translate ne me donne pas une bonne explication, ni Internet.

English version

How can I say "got it" in french? It's really "je comprends"?

Google Translate doesn't give me a good explanation, nor the internet at all.

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Je comprends” has the same meaning, but is in my opinion somewhat more formal than “got it”. If you want to keep the general tone, “Compris” might be a better translation.

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You might hear "Pigé !" for "Got it !" in informal situations.

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C'est compris keeps the familiar tone of got it. Likewise, it can be used both as an assertion and as an interrogative.

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People in France will also say 'ok!', English has really permeated the country by now. But you can say 'compris!' as well, or 'd'accord' if you are agreeing on statement.

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Got it! is incorrect in English and as said above means “j'ai compris”. Now you may want to keep the meaning and the incorrectness, for instance in a translation of a book. Then Pigé ! is excellent.

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