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I would like to know how to write about your day in French but not sound too boring. I have written je me réveille à six heures et quart, je me brosse les dents, je me douche etc. but I am constantly saying I this, I that so please help.

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How to avoid writing "je" if you're basically writing about yourself and what you did? If you did this in English I assume you'd have a lot of "I" in your text too. –  Alexandre Vaillancourt Jan 29 at 19:25
Yes so I am constantly saying 'I' so that is why I asked –  IronMan Jan 29 at 19:27

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Nothing forbids to omit a couple of "je":

"Je me réveille à six heures et quart, me brosse les dents puis prends une douche"

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Oh I get it now so that is how you extend the sentence so it doesn't make it sound boring. Thanks –  IronMan Jan 29 at 19:38

Je is not what makes your writing boring. It's the way you describe the facts without emotion.

You can wake up péniblement ou bien guilleret, with a réveille-matin or par le chant des merles. Your story is less about what you do than about how you feel while doing them.

Moreover, you can insist on the boring way everything repeats day after day: Je me lève et je te bouscule: tu ne te réveilles pas. Comme d'habitude...

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