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I see a lot of French subs for English shows but finding French subs for French media has been difficult. Does France not provide subs for hard of hearing people? Anyone know of any sites that have French subtitles for French films? Film watching is my favourite way to learn!

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Did you try OpenSubtitles? I just had a look and it seems there are subtitles for at least some well known french movies. –  AldurDisciple Mar 17 at 17:55

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Actually, about anything that airs on French TV has captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, by law . However, I've never seen them available for download anywhere. To make matters worse, French DVDs practically never over French subtitles.

The few French subtitles you'll find online are generally of poor quality and don't match the text very well. The only exception I've found is the TV show Braquo, which has excellent French subtitles.

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I do not know of a dedicated subtitle site with more subtitles available than opensubtitles.

My method is using VLC (not above 2.0.9, or the unstable 2.2 or above), and the add-on called VLSub (look there also for the VLC versions that work) which can easily search and download subtitles from this site.

enter image description here

Clicking "Show config" you can then set the language for the subtitles you need (you can also set that to "all")

enter image description here

More on this here, on other solutions here, also here.

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You can find subtitles on website such as this one : www.opensubtitles.org

You will find subtitles for movies, TV series, ...

Don't forget to use language filter to avoid subtitles in other languages.

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Sur la télévision hexagonale certaines films ont l'option "audio description" faite pour les personnes sourdes ou mal entendantes.

En plus des dialogues, une description sommaire de la bande sonore s'affiche dans une typographie différente.

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