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I see a lot of French subs for English shows but finding French subs for French media has been difficult. Does France not provide subs for hard of hearing people? Anyone know of any sites that have French subtitles for French films? Film watching is my favourite way to learn!

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Did you try OpenSubtitles? I just had a look and it seems there are subtitles for at least some well known french movies. – AldurDisciple Mar 17 '14 at 17:55
This question is just attracting a list of links and other anecdotal sources of subtitles. Stack Exchange is a question and answer site. Once again, it just doesn't work as a link collection. – Gilles Nov 8 '15 at 17:41

Actually, about anything that airs on French TV has captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, by law . However, I've never seen them available for download anywhere. To make matters worse, French DVDs practically never over French subtitles.

The few French subtitles you'll find online are generally of poor quality and don't match the text very well. The only exception I've found is the TV show Braquo, which has excellent French subtitles.

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I have a large collection of French and English/American films and I can tell that the English subtitles are not necessarily better. :) – cipricus Apr 17 '15 at 8:20
Subtitles should certainly not fit spoken text litterally. There are subtitles-writing rules for it to be readable at a reasonable pace. That said, it is normal that subtitles you find online are of poor quality as they're most of the time fan-sub. Same applies for english subtitles, some jokes on comedy shows are just impossible to grasp if you can't understand what you hear... – Laurent S. Apr 17 '15 at 13:51
I've seen literal subtitles before and experienced no problem. – Arthur B Apr 17 '15 at 14:23

I do not know of a dedicated subtitle site with more subtitles available than opensubtitles.

My method is using VLC, with the add-on called VLSub (look there also for the VLC versions that work) which can easily search and download subtitles from this site.

enter image description here

Clicking "Show config" you can then set the language for the subtitles you need (you can also set that to "all")

enter image description here

More on this here, on other solutions here, also here.

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You can find subtitles on website such as this one :

You will find subtitles for movies, TV series, ...

Don't forget to use language filter to avoid subtitles in other languages.

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If you can't find it on opensubstitles then probably you can't find it anywhere. – JI Xiang Oct 31 '15 at 3:55

In the UK Sky TV broadcast TV5 Monde. A good proportion of the content has subtitles usually in French but most of the Films and TV series have both French and English subtitles. You select between them by setting your language preference to either French or English in the options menu. Look for an "s" in the programme captions when you scroll through TV5 content. You can record these programmes on SKY and the subtitles are preserved.

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Sur la télévision hexagonale certaines films ont l'option "audio description" faite pour les personnes sourdes ou mal entendantes.

En plus des dialogues, une description sommaire de la bande sonore s'affiche dans une typographie différente.

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Almost recent (last 4-5 years) French TV shows have French sub-titles for the deaf. If you buy the DVDs from, they usually have an option for French sub-titles. For example, the excellent crime show Engrenages has them starting with Saison 2. The excellent science/history series C'est Pas Sorcier also has good sub-titles on the DVDs. I like this series because the vocabulary is kept reasonably simple (targeted to grade-school kids) and the actors enunciate clearly. Many DVDs from for American TV shows like NCIS or Crimnal Minds have both French audio tracks and also French subtitles (as well as both in English, generally.). I find these good to learn from - better than movies - because the dialogue is usually relatively simple. You can also get print-outs of the sub-titles in both French and English from or These typically do not correspond word-for-word with the French audio but are close and generally are reasonably good translations. The shipping costs to the US from are reasonable, and they usually get here in 10 days-2 weeks. Of course, you need a DVD player that can play Region 2 DVDs. A good one is

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there you can find them...

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