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I'm using duolingo to practice my French which is good for immersion but kind of lacking on grammatical explanations. I keep running across what looks like two types of possessive pronouns. Sometimes it uses notre or votre, etc. and other times it's nos or vos, etc. What's the difference between the two sets and when do I use each?

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Notre and votre, like mon/ma, ton/ta, son/sa and leur are singular forms of the possessive adjectives:

Notre maison, votre liberté.

Nos and vos are plural, like mes, tes, ses, leurs.

Nos pieds, vos souhaits.

Additionally, le(s) nôtre(s), and le(s) vôtre(s) are the corresponding pronouns. Like le(s) mien(s), le(s) tien(s), le(s) sien(s), le(s) leur(s).

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