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I came about the following sentence:

“Consigne: Avec votre dictionnaire, trouvez deux mots de la même famille que”

I understood that with my dictionary I have to find two words with the same family. What do “consigne” and “que” mean here?

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The sentence is incomplete, "que" has to be followed by the word / words. It's même que you have to look for. And consigne is also in the wiktionary. – Laure Jun 7 '14 at 17:28
Try and look in different dictionaries. Consigne must be be in any dictionary, and if you can find même in a dictionary you're bound to have an example sentence with que. For instance here or here – Laure Jun 7 '14 at 17:35
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"Consigne" means "instruction". Here, it just announces that the following sentence is the thing to be done. Similarly you could find in an exercise book:

Exercise: What is 2+2 worth?

The final "que" is a part of the expression "la même que", in this context "the same family as". As Laure said, it seems there is a word missing.

Your interpretation would be good if the que was not here.

"de la même famille": "from the same family"

"de la même famille que x": from the same family as x".

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