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This answer was designed for an English speaker who starts from scratch; it is not focused on speech but rather on fundamentals and tools, as I find awareness of these somewhat lacking, and being exposed to random popular content and one-size-fits-all online training, overrated. Take charge; usually a language class involves incremental lessons about ...


I would recommend for you to start learning French like I started to learn English : from French TV shows. Shows like Braquo, Hard, Un village français, les revenants are realy worth watching and will improve your French in no time.


I don't know what other people think about TV5's material ? Otherwise, there really is an enormous amount of written material out there. French has always been the number one language learnt by the English-speaking world (the British certainly), so I would have a look in a bookshop. Personally I prefer to start learning a language with a proper book, that ...


You can start with this application to get some basic words/expressions https://www.busuu.com There is an android app of it so it can be with you everywhere! Bon courage ;)

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