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Linguistics can assist; in particular, try to find articles or papers from Linguistics. I input gender French nouns into Google, which then revealed this (dubious) website, but which referenced this extremely informative and revealing study: Predictability in French gender attribution: A corpus analysis (PDF here) Author: Roy Lyster | Publication date ...


Babbel (website and app) can also help you. Babbel (site web et application) peut aussi t'aider.


Duolingo is a pretty good site to learn a new language (not only french). There is a mobile app too, so you can practise everywhere. It is not specialized for hotel trade though.


Here you can do exercises to understand french language in an hotel situation :


Le plus facile est de mémoriser les mots avec un article et un adjectif qui se prononcent différemment selon le genre : Un grand apogée (masculin, mais les français le mette souvent au féminin à cause de la forme féminine de sa dernière syllabe [-ée] ; cela est du à l'origine grecque de ce mot). Ou alors de grouper les synonymes dont on est sûr du genre ...


As Christine said it in the commentary, I would recommend to read a lot in French. Except for a small number of words*, gender is intuitive for every native speaker (except maybe the younger ones). Because they've always heard the words with the right gender when their parents or teachers speak when they were young. Using Chritine's words, you can't ...

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