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I would use one of: Il me faisait marcher or, closer to "fucking with me" Il se foutait de moi


If you really want to point out that someone try to make you believe something, you can use : "mettre en boite" (somewhat informal) "faire marcher" (somewhat informal) "mener en bateau" "se jouer de" "berner" : could apply, but does not always conveys the fact that it is fun "bluffer" (yes, it is used in french) The following proposals dismiss the fact ...


An important (English-language) science fiction novel called Snow Crash used the term "gargoyle": Stephenson also describes a sub-culture of people choosing to remain continuously connected to the Metaverse [i.e. the internet] by wearing portable terminals, goggles and other equipment; they are given the sobriquet "gargoyles" due to their grotesque ...


Whilst il plaisantait would mean he was joking, il me taquinait would be able to convey the idea that he was joking with me.

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