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Depending on the surrounding context, you might translate of some women to, for example: de certaines femmes de quelques femmes d'un certain nombre de femmes de (d'un) bon nombre de femmes de des femmes is however never correct.


You should remember that: des= de + les so you may conclude that: de des femmes is equivalent to: de de les femmes Thus it can not be grammatically correct. Google Translator gave you a correct answer which may or may not be the right one depending on the context.


If it refers to a specific stay/visit you should use “durée du séjour” as du is the combination of a preposition (de) and a definite article (le). Nous serons à votre disposition pendant toute la durée du séjour. If you want to express stay/visit length in general, use “durée de séjour”. La durée de séjour moyenne dans notre hotel est de 5 jours. ...


All of the three good answers given so far accurately state that “de des femmes” is incorrect and they all provide good and idiomatic ways to translate “of some women.” Just as importantly, they all wisely caution you about the importance of context. What little I have to add for your consideration is essentially just: (1) a reiteration of the importance ...


"de des femmes" isn't correct : You can't write this. Choose "de" or "des", but don't use the twice on the same time. "de certaines femmes" is correct. But you need to check the sentence.

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