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Elle ne va jamais manger de chocolat is the correct form as it. Elle ne va jamais manger du chocolat le lundi. is correct but not without something to give information about where, when, how or why this chocolate is eaten. Here, saying that this only occurs on monday.


Several constructions exist that link two nouns with the preposition de. The preposition de can be used to characterize the kind of object we are talking about. It is in this case used without an article, and the following characterization can either be singular or plural. le sac de sable le sac de fraises This is what happens with “justificatif”. ...


à means at,to,in etc and le,la,les are definite articles à le should be replaced with (le is used for masculine) -—> au à la should be same as (la is used for feminine)-—>à la à l’ should be same as (l’ used before words starting with vowel or h) -—>à l’ à les should be replaced with (les is used before plural no matter feminine or ...

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