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The first word I see is "une copie numérique". This can apply when you have an official paper document, and you scan it to have it on your computer. "copie numérisée" sounds strange to me, but is correct. for the real translation of "to scan", we often say "scanner" in a familar context. "Numériser" is a nicer translation, but rarely used when talking to ...


"une numérisation" or "une copie numérisée" is correct. Yes, "numériser" means "digitize", because we convert analogic signal to digital signal. But very often, we just say "un scan". Also, if the scan is printed, we say "une photocopie".


Reading comments, the context is : My case is formal as I have to send an email to an administrator. And even if other answers recommend "scan" which is the word the most commonly used, if you need to be more formal, you can write : Ci-joint la numérisation du document [...]

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