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Although this phrase could describe the type of service employed in “family-style” meals (where everyone starts with an empty plate and serves themselves from communal serving bowls/platters), it is more often found in conjunction with “Menus dégustations.” or “Tasting Menus” and is used, not really as a description of the service (for the service is usually ...


This phrase means the item is not an individual plate but is served for everybody at the table. The best translation I can think of is "served for all the guests". This applies to meals that are cooked for several persons. The example optimal control gave in his answer is perfect: when you order a fondue, it is common that you have to order it for at least ...


It is not specified for only one person but the served meal (salad etc.) is for everybody at the table. For example, cheese served at the middle of the table.

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