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Surely a purist would say that there is only one French 'dialect' and that is the language prescribed - by the Académie Française. The point of the Académie was to resolve issues of usage and ensure everyone used the same language - not whatever suited them at the time (like Montaigne).


There are not such dialects in France as you could find in Spain or Italy, but I can say that the main dialects in metropolitan France could be Alsatian, Corsican, Basque, Breton and Catalan.


As far as Spanish is concerned, it seems you are referring to the way the letters 'c' and 'z' are pronounced compared to the 's' letter depending on the region. Catalan people speaking Spanish are following the standard usage to pronounce the formers like the Engligh 'th'. In some Spanish regions like parts of Andalucia, 's' is pronounced like the standard ...

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