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Regardless of how (or even if) the referenced item (the official name of the product, for example) and the footnote itself are marked (with asterisks, numbers, “MD”s [or even with nothing at all]) in the original French flyer, I would mark them in the translated flyer with asterisks and include the following footnote text after the asterisk at the bottom: ...


This is about patents (brevets d'invention), a trademark (marque) as well as models (modèles) for the product, which are registered (déposés ; there is plural agreement and all three components are registered). The past participle refers to a technical meaning of dépôt: Dépôt d'une marque, d'un modèle, etc. Formalité administrative par laquelle un ...


This means there are copyrights on the brand and on the product the flyer shows.

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