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Le féminin des adjectifs Règle générale: Adjectif masculin + E = Adjectif féminin Exemples: grand–grande vert–verte Règles d'exception: –e devient –e Exemples: jeune rapide facile magnifique –er devient –ère Exemple: léger – légère –f devient –ve Exemple: neuf – neuve –eux devient –euse Exemple: heureux – ...


If you're learning French, there is a significant difference with English in that adjectives change according to male/female and singular/plural cases. So in your example, the gender explain the difference : male singular : "he is handsome" translate to "il est beau" female singular : "she is handsome" translate to "elle est belle" male plural : "they ...


It's simply male/female variation. "Je suis beau" means I am a boy and I am beautiful. "Je suis belle" means I am a girl and I am beautiful. So you will also say: "Elle est belle" and "Il est beau". And for the plural forms: "Elles sont belles" and "Ils sont beaux".

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