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Gorge nouée : ne plus pouvoir parler, à cause d'émotions, pas uniquement l'angoisse, mais aussi la tristesse. Par exemple C'est la gorge nouée qu'il assistait à ce triste évènement .


Le fait de ne pas pouvoir parler à cause de l'émotion.


This sentence is a bit tricky. "La vie est belle" is a normal sentence in French but it's an idiom in an English-speaking context. Specifically, it's thrown around as a token French phrase when people want to humorously say something French but don't really know what to say. It's similar to the expression "voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" which isn't ...


When a sentence like this one can be translated word by word in most if not all known languages without gaining or losing any substantial part of its meaning, you can't call it a specific idiom. It is at best a transparent one but then it would need an easily understandable figurative meaning too. La vie est belle has a clear litteral meaning but not that ...


I don't know if it is an actual idiom, but it is indeed quite common. The meaning is very close to the actual meaning of the words, so no surprise: it means you are enjoying your life. You may use it to make your friend know you're having good time : — Ça va, tes vacances sur ton île paradisiaque ? — Ça va, la vie est belle, je ne me plains pas...


Peut-être que "rien de neuf sous le soleil" peut convenir.

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