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Je conseille la lecture de cet article qui donne des explications très exhaustives sur l'utilisation de "depuis" + passé composé http://www.persee.fr/web/revues/home/prescript/article/igram_0222-9838_1999_num_80_1_3567


English: "I'll see you in an hour” French: "on se voit dans une heure"


If you are saying goodbye to someone and telling them that you'll see them again in an hour, it's possible to use: À dans une heure. It's a complete sentence that basically means "See you in an hour". It's the same construction that you used to say "À tout à l'heure" ("See you later"). In the same way you can use that either for a duration or a time: ...


Yes, "à une heure" does not mean "in an hour", but rather "at one". You can't really ever use "à + moment" the way you're wanting to, at least with a verb in front of it. "À" pretty much always indicate something rather precise, like an actual time or a place. It really is the literal English "at". You could say "à l'heure venue" or something along those ...

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