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Dans le jargon informatique, on utilise couramment frontal pour front-end, par exemple « deux serveurs frontaux ». Pour back-end, la terminologie anglaise est souvent reprise mais on rencontre aussi interne, arrière ou principal. Wikipedia propose en arrière-plan mais cette expression peut parfois porter à confusion, arrière-plan étant déjà utilisé pour ...


In the context given, parsing has a well established translation: "analyse syntaxique". A parser is an "analyseur syntaxique". "After parsing" -> "après analyse" ou "après analyse syntaxique". A parser syntactically analyzes an input text, written in a language whose syntax (represented by a grammar) is known by the parser, and builds an internal ...


Note that the referenced Full Stack Developer definition simply describes a software developer mastering current & fashionable web technologies. A developer is not necessarily an engineer, not necessarily an architect. Therefore, I would simply translate as "développeur technologies web". If the job requires it, use "ingénieur confirmé technologies web" ...


The translation of energy ladder is very simple it's : échelle énergetique. For the translation of plug and play it becomes more complicated, I saw that everyone propose the term prêt à l'emploi, but this term is too generalist and can't be literally translated in a sentence. Prêt à l'emploi means you could use something directly, but doesn't really apply ...


Not serious answer: come on, we can do better than that. What about something that matches the original alliteration, such as "attache et pof ça marche".


In France we use the term "plug and play". And "échelle énergétique" is a good translation for "energy ladder".


I think that « prêt(e) à l'emploi » is a good translation of « plug and play », or you actually could use the original phrase in English inside of quotation marks, since it's something like an idiom. As for « energy ladder », literal translation is « l'échelle énergétique », and this page shows that it's obviously in use.

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