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Another form that could amuse you English people is this common sentence we sometimes use to show our interlocutor he's really kidding : "C'est ça, et moi je suis la reine d'Angleterre!" which literally means: "That's it, and me, I'm the queen of England!" In fact this is quite equivalent to "mon oeil!"


As already stated Vraiment ? is obviously the closest translation but imho slightly formal. You'll more likely hear answers like: C'est vrai ? (is it true?) Pour de vrai ? Colloquial (for real?) Sans dec' ? / Sans déconner ? Colloquial (no bullshit?)


Vraiment ? C'est vrai ? T'es sérieux ? Sans blague ? ah bon ? hein is not really a word, more of a sound like huh ? I hear this a lot though. Really can take on several meanings, but Vraiment is the closest literal translation.


le plus courant: vraiment ? un peu moins utilisé: réellement ? très courant oralement: ah bon ? très courant oralement, un peu dubitatif: Non ? très courant oralement, peu stylé: hein ?

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