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En quoi asks for a specific detail (what/how?) while pourquoi asks for a global motivation/explanation (why?). En quoi : What aspect of my relationship with her interests you? Pourquoi : Why does my relationship with her interest you? Assuming these questions are asked in a jealousy context, I would also say the first question sounds more aggressive (i....


For compound tenses, you must invert the subject and the auxiliary (être or avoir). Comment a-t-il travaillé ? (the "t" in "a-t-il" is here only for euphonic purposes) In many cases, basically every time the subject is not a pronoun, the subject is duplicated using a pronoun. Comment la réunion s'est-elle passée ? In oral or colloquial language,...


« Comment as-tu travaillé comme ça » but it's not very meaningful… For the second one I would say : « Coment s’est passé ton weekend ? »


No, the object of "l'on se réfère" is already "à quels autres". See for example, similarly: Je sais déjà à quelle destination tu penses pour les vacances. J'ai vu de quels exploits il est capable. Je ne sais plus à quelle question je dois répondre. To be understood as Tu penses à une destination pour les vacances. Je sais laquelle. ...

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