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There is no official translation of "neko-girl" in French, so you have some possibilities: You can translate it, as fille-chat. In French we already have l'homme-araignée for Spiderman, les hommes-grenouilles for people with a diving suit, etc. Chattefille sounds like a lazy translation for me, but nothing terrible. You can keep the japanese neko or ...


If you're not going to use French in a French language text, you might as well keep the original language (Japanese) word like neko. Either way, chattefille is meaningless, but sounds cute imho, just like minette. Fille-chat is the comprehensive construction for the animal + girl composition you have in English : homme-araignée, ...grenouille, ...


You probably can keep catgirl but if you want a French word, I can suggest minette which means both a female cat and a young/pretty girl.


After a quick Google search, I've found that on a few sites they refer to a “catgirl” as “catgirl” (noun, feminine). On this site they're talking about a game on steam that consists of catgirls.

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