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Besides poker, the kicker refers to a surprising element in a given context. I believe in French you would translate the kicker with either of the following: le truc le truc surprenant le problème (only in cases where kicker is used to refer something negative) Here is how you would use it: "I tell a story [...] but the kicker was I didn't have my ...


If you're talking about what is called "carte de départage" in Poker, people in my circle call it "hauteur", which I guess translates into the kicker in English. Quelle est la hauteur would be what is the highest value card in your deck after cheking the first confrontation.


It seems like in French we also use the term kicker card, and rarely, 'carte de départage'. As a reminder, 'départager' is to choose between two (or more, i guess) sides. But, it seems like you should just use kicker card in French too.

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