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Made some queries on my local dictionary. The same pattern as for créée is found in: agréée gréée maugréée réée regréée recréée supléée dégréée énucléée guéée incréée congréée nucléée procréée ragréée récréée délinéée And two others: brrr which is “just” an onomatopoeia, and *désennnuyer… which is obviously a bug in my dictionary…


With three e in a row, I found also agréée and énucléée, but there could be some few others. The other vowels, however, don't have any case of the same phenomenon. But, of course, I didn't consider onomatopeas or made-up words used in movies for example.


To resolve disambiguation I personally use linguee.com/.fr website. It's not a translation website nether a dictionary, it's a translation memory based on other website translations. So there is no etymological or other grammatical information, but its aim is to provide a dozen of relatively reliable example to allow you to understand in which context your ...


This PDF is quite nice : http://blogimages.bloggen.be/ivemontpellier3/attach/166241.pdf The first 2 columns are the English word and its actual translation in French, while the 2 last columns are the "immediate translation" a French would do and the actual meaning in English. For instance, to arrive means to reach a destination, while a French would think ...

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