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Ok, Let's not focus on this "cinq". What you are talking about is liaison If I'm not mistaken, the "liaison" only occurs with plural. les enfants, les avions... The following word begins with a voyel. There is no liaison with proper nouns Paris a de grandes rues (don't pronounce the 's') There are some exceptions. Les haricots (beans). As "haricots" ...


As you wrote later in your question, the cinq example is indeed a poor choice. The reason is it is not pertaining to the list of words subject to liaison. A liaison happen when a word has an ending consonant only pronounced when the word is followed by a vowel or a mute h but not in other cases, like for example when the word is alone or the last one of a ...


If you don't include q letter when your are pronouncing cinq livres, French people can ear saint, like holy book. When livre = book, usual pronounciation always include a brief q even in front of a consonant to discriminate signification.

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