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Regarding a possible grammar lesson/connection, M Jean Molinet seems to be giving a recitation of the verb moods/modes that existed in his time (apparently the optative and conjonctive have both been subsequently supplanted/replaced by the subjunctive according to CNRTL). He seems to be using these verb modes to describe different aspects and ...


Dans le Littré, on trouve ceci : OPTATIF, IVE [o-pta-tif, ti-v'] adj. Qui exprime le souhait. Plût à Dieu ! est une formule optative. En grammaire, mode optatif, ou, substantivement, l'optatif, mode qui, dans certaines langues, par exemple en grec, exprime le souhait. HISTORIQUE XVe s. ♦ Nouvellement, par maniere optative, CH. D'ORL., Rondel ...


The subjonctive is on "voie" not on the verb "avoir" (because it has not to be on), so it is "a" and not "ait". I am learning English while you are learning French, and I can advise you using the subjonctive in french when you would use it in english.

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