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Or you can use the verb pouvoir indicative. - Peux-tu faire ceci? - Pouvez-vous faire ceci? Or with conditional. (More polite) - Pourriez-vous faire ceci?


A clever way is to use the imperative form of the verb vouloir followed by the infinitive. Veuillez fermer la porte Veuillez ne pas fumer à bord du traversier


One more: Siouplait. It sounds informal and quirky, as in replacing 'understood' by 'okey-dokey'. SVP doesn't really sound long-winded to me, it's 'if-you-please' (or more exactly 'if it pleases you'). If you want to sound polite while not using it, you can use the conditional, same as in English 'Could you give me the salt ?' 'Pourriez-vous me passer le ...


One way to get the added emphasis/urgency in French would be by resorting to the different ways of "begging" someone to do something. For example: « Je t'en prie » (polite begging with the notion of "please" included) « Je t'en supplie » (a bit more urgent, but the "please" is still probably understood) « Je t’implore » (serious begging and the "please" ...


Is there a better way in French of conveying the English sense of Pleeeeeeeeeeeease at the beginning of a sentence? Your question seems to contradict the title: you're not asking for a more compact way, you're asking for a more emphatic way; for example, Faites-le, je vous en prie. Faites-le donc, je vous en supplie. As well as more emphatic, ...


It's OK to write S'il vous plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit but S'il vous plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit le faire ? must be written: Faites-le s'il vous plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ?


i would say "steup" but it's casual. Otherwise you have to say "s'il vous plait"/"s'il te plait" !

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