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French translation: je m'identifie à eux. I don't think there is any other possible.


It depends. It's not a matter of relative vs indirect, but the actual pronouns themselves. Whether reflexive or indirect, me, te, se, nous, and vous always go first. Lui and leur always go last. Edited: learn something new every day. The word order above is correct, but you can't say je me leur ..., it always changes to je me ... à eux.


the word order should be : J'espère que cette carte te trouvera bien. (where "toi" is replaced by "te" and placed between the subject (cette carte) and the verb (trouve) ) However, this type of sentence sentence doesn't sound good in French, I would rather write : J'espère que tu recevras bien cette carte. or J'espère que cette carte te sera bien ...


Neither. Toi is a stressed pronoun, so you only use it in certain specific ways, such as after a preposition. In your sentence, assuming you mean "I hope this card finds you well," you need the direct object pronoun te and it has to go in front of the verb: J'espère que cette carte te trouve bien.


je m'identifie à eux is correct, as Fabrice stated. It needs a preposition, which none of your two examples gave. À is used in this case NOT avec. You shouldn't say: Je m'indentifie avec eux.

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