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Is it well-known in France too (I see it's a brand name) or is it mostly an English expression? The brand name is anecdotal with probably a close to zero average level of recognition. La Belle France is mostly an English expression, notwithstanding that would be La belle France in French (unless it is a title), it is not commonly used here, especially ...


A more careful search with ngram finds the phrase being used by La Fontaine ... I'm not saying he invented the phrase, maybe it was a commonplace in speech even in his time.


Searching on google, I found this : « La Belle France » est un pamphlet de Georges Darien publié en 1900. C’est probablement l’un des pamphlets politiques les plus puissants et les plus violents que nous connaissions, tout là-haut avec Napoléon le petit de Victor Hugo, avec le Discours de la servitude volontaire de La Boétie. « La Belle France » n’est ...

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