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ADDED Dec. 6 to try to address the OP's comment to my original response (see far below for my original, unedited response): So it seems that you want a suitable synonym for « Effect » that wasn’t specifically used by physicists to describe machines and their power prior to Coriolis’ innovation. Maybe that’s why Coriolis arrived at the seemingly curious ...


Both "Efficiency" or "effectiveness" add some kind of judgment of value (i.e. quality, performance) while the French "Effet" is neutral. Both "Effet" and "Effect" are just about observing and measuring the results of what the "machine" produces without judging whether it is better than something else or not.


Translating effet by “efficiency” or “effectiveness” would narrow down the meaning somewhat. Efficiency and effectiveness relate to the quantification of useful consequences resulting from the use of the machine, relative to the effort that went into making the machine work. Effet in French, like effect in English, more broadly covers the consequences ...

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