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The correct sentence is : Moi je suis d'un pays qui est à coté du tien. In french you always replace "à le" with "au", "de le" with "du", "de les" with "des".


An interesting (and IMO, relevant) example that contains two “chez” constructions, side-by-side, being used clearly as nouns and that illustrates, in my opinion, how important perspective can be, as mentioned in a comment by @ruakh, in determining whether “chez” is conveying the sense of “home” or the sense of “house” is the following proverb: Un petit ...


I have also heard French people in UK say 'chez sainsbury' when they plan to meet there. Also, chez le dentiste etc.


A few examples that may help: La boulangerie était loin de sa maison mais près de son bureau. (strictly speaking of the physical building) Loin de chez lui, il se sentait seul. (Away from home, he was lonely) Il ne se sentait pas chez lui dans sa propre maison. (He was a stranger in his own house) Quand il était à la maison, il ne se sentait pas chez lui. ...

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