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Your Question 1: The correct meaning is given in your second proposition: "It seemed to me then that I recognized the sentiment that I read on all the faces. The "il" of "il m'a semblé..." is exactly your "B" guess: it's a placeholder meaning precisely "it seemed to me". So, after "il me semble" you may either place a proposition that must begin with "que" ...


I would have translated it with something like that: I had the impression that I could distinguish the feeling that was visible on all the faces.


Your guess B is right, "il" is unpersonnal, you may rephrase it : J'ai l'impression d'avoir reconnu le sentiment [...] J'ai eu l'impression de reconnaître le sentiment [...] I don't feel the complexity of the sentence. the "m'" makes it clear the subject is "I", and "Il me semble" is a very common way to express a doubt, so you recognize it and you ...

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