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The way these exercise sentences have been set is confusing. First make sure you know what the imperative is about. It is used to express an order or a wish. And then you must learn how to form it. For both these points you might find these websites useful : On Brainscape and on Tex's French Grammar. Then we will try and see why you are getting ...


Le complément d'objet direct m' est placé avant le verbe avoir donc accord en genre et en nombre: Vous ne m'avez pas aidée


The simplified rule: if you are refering to a specific person or thing, use "il/elle". Otherwise, use "c'est". If the video is wonderful, you should say: "C'est magnifique" because the video in which the dance is beautiful and the girl dances well is globally wonderful. You don't point anything being wonderful, but the whole thing is. If people already ...

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