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There definitely are variants in the pronunciation of that sound. It depends on things like the age of the speaker and where they come from. I don't hear that much difference between the two examples you link, but truthfully I don't have a very good ear for differences between sounds. However, the phoneme /ɛ̃/ of French is usually realized quite a bit lower ...


The sound you transcript as "j" en English and Italian is a voiced palato-alveolar affricate transcripted in IPA as /d͡ʒ/. This sound exists in French when the "j" followed a "d" like in adjoindre. It is very different from the incorrectly reported /j/ sound which would mean something like Bonne yournée like with a Spanish accent. When the letter "j" ...


No, “j” alone is always /ʒ/ in french (even though indeed fast pronounciation can twist it a bit). Fixed english page of wikitionnary, french one had the right IPA.


Compte tenu du contexte (radio régionale de Toulouse), je propose trois hypothèses: L'interlocuteur est d'origine espagnole. Les Pyrénées ont toujours été perméables, surtout depuis la guerre civile espagnole. L'interlocuteur est un locuteur natif occitan (c'est-à-dire très agé). En occitan, sauf le gascon, le u se prononce ou; et à Toulouse le dialecte ...

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