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Moi je dis tout le temps "Merci, pareillement". je trouve cette manière efficace, peu courante (donc originale). Et j'ai comme l'impression de me démarquer davantage avec cette réponse. Et puis ça a un petit côté pompeux qui m'amuse. :)


If you are saying goodbye to someone and telling them that you'll see them again in an hour, it's possible to use: À dans une heure. It's a complete sentence that basically means "See you in an hour". It's the same construction that you used to say "À tout à l'heure" ("See you later"). In the same way you can use that either for a duration or a time: ...


Yes, "à une heure" does not mean "in an hour", but rather "at one". You can't really ever use "à + moment" the way you're wanting to, at least with a verb in front of it. "À" pretty much always indicate something rather precise, like an actual time or a place. It really is the literal English "at". You could say "à l'heure venue" or something along those ...

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