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Malgré que with the meaning of "despite" does not exist and is a common mistake in the French language. The correct way to say it is "malgré le fait que". Your sentence would be correct with "malgré le fait que". Une chose que j'ai bien aimé dans ce livre a été le message que malgré le fait que quelque chose soit vulnérable, petit ou apparemment ...


If you use malgré que you will suffer complaints from the normative French speakers the same way you would if you said Je vais au coiffeur. So to speak, it is your choice to use it or not knowing the consequence. As mentioned in your last quote, French institutions are reluctant to acknowledge even reasonable evolutions so we end up with these situations ...


En ce qui concerne la France, Il faut éviter d'utiliser « malgré que » avec les personnes que l'on vouvoie. You pointed it out in your question, and your french Feacher say it all. Language (even French) change. I a highly formal conversation, or when writing an application for a job that requires French written communication skills, you should avoid using ...


In my opinion, malgré que should not be used, you can use instead bien que that works in most cases.

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