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In this case the difference is to be sought in the author's point of view. In French the subjunctive can be used, as it is the case here, to express a hypothesis, a light doubt, or to distantiate oneself from an expressed point of view or opinion. A stronger doubt can sometimes be expressed through the use of the "Conditionnel" (cf the German language with ...


The difference is subtle and I am not even sure all native speakers would make the distinction. In the first sentence, the indicative is sufficient since you do not express the hypothesis that he did or did not go: it merely underlines that the evidences brought forward prove nothing. On the contrary, what is expressed in the second sentence is the heart ...


Dans tous les cas où les verbes s'écrivent de la même façon au présent de l'indicatif et au subjonctif, ils se prononcent exactement de la même façon. Il n'y a aucune distinction.

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