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In late 20th/21st centuries banlieue used without a qualifier refers to what would be called "Inner city" in the US. Faubourg is the neutral one word translation of "suburb" but the word banlieue will mostly be used with a qualifier to endorse a different connotation e.g. une banlieue résidentielle would correspond to a "suburb" in some English speaking ...


In the field of theatrical movie release, a specific terminology is used in France. "Window," in the sense of a time period during which the movie is released to a certain channel, is usually translated as "fenêtre." "Créneau" could be understood but is less used. "Theatrical release" is "sortie en salles" or "exploitation en salles." It is definitely not ...


There are several ways to translate "suburb" in a more neutral way than banlieue. In addition to périphérie already suggested by Jylo's comment, here are two other that come to mind, despite being euphemisms which you rule out in your question: autour de dans les environs de e.g.: Je cherche à louer une maison dans les environs de Lyon.

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