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Très majoritairement, le mot « script », repris directement de l'anglais, est utilisé. Même au Québec, c'est le terme officiel.


I'm a developper, and I always use English words for technical stuff, sometimes "francisés": "debugguer". Coding is done in English, so we have to use English (best example: "for", "if", "while" for the most basic stuff we can do). Plus we can this way have a bigger community to discuss with. In France, for the engineers particular case, we have, in order ...


Good question, I am afraid there is not an ideal solution. Missing a technical jargon dictionary, Wikipedia might help here: Type in the English word and find the corresponding Wikipedia page. For example: High-level programming language <--> Select the associated "French" Wikipedia page. ...


Information Technologies is a very peculiar field when it comes to translation from English to any other language, and French isn't an exception. For most terms, we either: Keep the English term and accept it as part of our vocabulary Translate word-for-word the English term Do both at the same time Hence, when talking about "debugging", the official ...

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