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It's a set phrase that won't translate literally into French. What we would you use in French much depends on the context of the whole sentence. Moi, et moi seul(e). Cela suppose que le lecteur unique, complètement étranger à l'univers où mon livre va l'entraîner, dispose pourtant d'une capacité innée à me comprendre, moi, et moi seul. (Bernard Pingaud, ...


At the end of a sentence you could use: moi, moi-même et moi donc. Or the more repetitive: moi, moi, moi et re-moi. moi, moi et encore moi. At the beginning of a sentence, it's a little more problematic. Although for example this seems possible, but it's certainly not a common expression. Moi, moi-même et ma personne, avons unanimement ...


As Jylo noted, there doesn't seem to be a good, literal or canonical translation in French. I would propose the following, which has a similar meaning but a different structure : Seul(e) avec moi-même


This does not translate well in french. Literraly it's "moi, moi même et je" but it sound very wrong. This is in no way idiomatic but you could try : Moi, moi, MOI ! Moi, moi même, et ma conscience Moi, ma conscience et bibi. All in all, "Moi seul" is the most idiomatic answer.

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