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Edited below (see Added) to attempt to address a comment/question made/posed in response to my original answer. Using italics instead of quotation marks could be an acceptable way to avoid the problem, but that's not your question. Maybe the following citations from a Quebec government site would help provide some insight: 1) On garde aussi à l’extérieur ...


It's not easy to read. Here is an example of the cursive hand-writing that's taught nowadays (and which is close to what I was taught in the 1960s). So that's arguably the "normal" hand-writing ('normal' meaning correct or legislated, though not necessarily ordinary or average), which I'd expect anyone could read easily.


As already said, each person has his own kind of writing. As a genalogist, I studied the different kind of writing in France, and I can say this kind of writing is from about the middle of XIX century (although it may be different for each region). So I would say that nowadays, this kind of writing is not normal in France.

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